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Oversize load movement "may require multi-jurisdictional permits. These permits may have differing restrictions, conditions, and regulations, which may result in cumbersome and confusing procedures. Inconsistencies in requirements and procedures continue to produce delays and less-than-optimal safety conditions in the movement of oversize lo, in addition to presenting a maze of rules and requirements that is difficult to negotiate and provides little if any benefit. Wag oversize load is less maneuverable, takes longer to stop and accelerate, and has a wider turning radius. Drivers of oversize load vehicles have difficulty maintaining speeds on ro with moderate to severe grades. The oversize load vehicle is less stable, some are more likely to roll over, and they are often subject to trailer sway and rearward amplification, 72 tail swing, offtracking, and other phenomena.

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If the width of the vehicle plus the amount of offtracking exceeds the width of the travel lane, then the vehicle will encroach into adjacent lanes, onto the shoulder, or run off the road during the turning maneuver.

Trucks often weigh 20 to 30 times as much as passenger vehicles, and trucks are taller, often with greater ground clearance, resulting in smaller vehicles under- riding trucks in crashes. Negotiating Turns with Long Lo. Confusion is common near freeway or turnpike interchanges, major intersections, and work zones.

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FMCSA waj it considers the tillerman's physical location in, on, or around a CMV to be the most relevant factor in determining whether the person is a driver, and that anyone controlling a steerable rear axle from outside the CMV would be doing so under the direction of the person in the cab, and therefore should not be considered a driver.

Tie down equipment includes ropes, straps, chains, and tensioning devices winches, ratchets, clinching components.

Other considerations include weather, darkness, and traffic volume. Drivers are prohibited in every State from being under the influence of any controlled substance, narcotics, or any other substance that impairs driving ability.

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Never turn or look away from oncoming traffic. This is especially true when a group of children is playing and may be unaware of traffic nearby.

People fail to look before getting out of parked vehicles, or drivers may pull out in front of oncoming traffic. Tap the brake pedal a few times to flash brake lights to warn drivers when slowing down. Children tend to act quickly and without checking traffic.

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The decision of the hearing examiner shall be rendered within five days of the close of the hearing. Never stop flagging until the blocked lanes s are clear.

If weight is too far to the rear, steering is negatively affected and drive wheels may spin easily. At highway speeds in good conditions, recommended following distance is 3 seconds.

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The city may revoke a permit if circumstances reasonably show that the activity can no longer be conducted without substantially obstructing or interfering with the public use of public rights-of-way, without violating applicable traffic regulations or controls, or without creating a substantial risk to public health or safety. Oversize lo are frequently susceptible to rollover incidents. With safety as the primary focus, the route may involve increased distances, or restrictions on specific times of movement that make the load movement more time consuming or difficult.

Permits Each State has rules about the allowable size for lo moving on highways within the State.

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However, failure to follow the route as specified on a permit constitutes a violation wway the permit that in most States renders the permit invalid. With some medications, more time may be needed; i.

Monitoring mirrors and scanning at least 20 seconds ahead, as well as managing space around the oversize load vehicle, reduce risk and increase the time available to react to hazards. These issues must be adequately addressed during pre-trip planning. Seeing far enough ahead is critical to react adequately to slow-moving vehicles.

For example, factors affecting safe distance from the load include weather conditions, night or day, volume of traffic, features of the terrain, and the size and configuration of the load. Flaggers must have frequent breaks no more than two hours of flagging. Loaded tractor-trailers take 20 to 40 percent more distance than cars to stop, and the discrepancy is greater on wet and slippery ro or with poorly maintained brakes.

The oversize load vehicle is less stable, some are more likely to roll over, and they are often subject to trailer sway and rearward amplification, 72 tail swing, offtracking, and other phenomena. The escort should change lanes first, in order to protect the load from oncoming traffic, and vice versa, during the lane change.

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Inattention is a major cause of crashes. When making lane changes, turn al on earlier than under normal circumstances. After being awake for 24 hours, the driver's skill is reduced to that demonstrated by drivers at the. Additional Traffic Control Issues If a driver ignores the flagger's instructions, do not stop flagging. At this point, it is advisable to stop, if safe to do so, to perform a more detailed inspection of all the securing devices and the cargo.

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Park vehicles off the road and away from the flagger station. Initiate and complete the required maneuver safely and efficiently.

The agency had ly determined that although a tillerman does not control the vehicle's speed or braking, the rear-axle steering fedearl or she performs is essential to prevent the trailer from offtracking into other lanes or vehicles or going off the highway entirely, and 111 this function is critical to the safe operation of vehicles with steerable rear axles, the tillerman had been defined as a "driver" and thus is subject to commercial motor vehicle CMV regulations.

Uniform operating procedures, deed with safety as the primary goal, reduce confusion of highway users, load movement team, and even enforcement officers, as well as promoting effective operations and improving load movement safety.

Load Movement Preparation As discussed in Module 4, transporting oversize lo requires extensive planning. States also differ about when a height pole must be used and the way it must be calibrated.

Passing a Slower Vehicle. When starting movement on an inclined surface, the oversize load may roll backward.