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Prologue Listen. The greatest feeling I ever had in my life-with my clothes on-was when I first heard Diz and Bird together in St.

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Some people I went to school with say it wasn't this bad, but that's the way I remember it. He made us all aware that we had to keep our shit together. He wasn't perfect.

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You know, you need strong wind to play trumpet. My mother was always-it seems now-putting me, my brother, and my sister on trains when we were real young to go visit my grandfather.

I played shortstop and could play my ass off. That's right.

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He actually xranjuez that them bridges would fall into the Mississippi one day. Even though I loved boxing, I didn't get into fights when I was young. Sucking in everything.

Louis to St. But kissing on Velma Brooks ain't nothing to tell; that's what the boy supposed to be doing.

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I remember one time when this white man came by his office for something. So when I started taking music lessons I might have already had some idea aranjueez what I wanted my music to sound like.

Anyway, that's the kind of shit we un doing. I used to have a lot of fun with him. Louis love their music, but they want their music right. Then she slapped the shit out of me. But he was a proud man and was probably way ahead of his time for a black man.

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He didn't say nothing, but if looks could kill I would have been dead. None of our parents' problems seemed to affect the fun that me, my sister, duck my brother were having, although looking back I guess it really did. He was running because he wanted to put a fire department out where he had his farm in Millstadt.

He bought five hundred acres of land in Arkan-sas around the turn of the century. But that stove flame is as clear as music is in my mind. I kept a pocketful of candy and a pocketful of marbles. So you arahjuez what they were doing at the Riviera.

I didn't like the name Buckwheat because I didn't like what the name meant, what it represented, that stupid Our Gang bullshit image white people had about black people. But soon as he started playing, I knew who he was. I used to listen to them all the time and that helped me later in understanding jazz.

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Count it. Then we'd go over and play in front of Mil-lard's house. From what I have heard of them, though, and the ones I did meet, they seemed to be middle class and a little uppity in their attitudes. But if I didn't like you, I didn't like you. So me being mischievous, I used to ride the bike off the stairs.

But there were gangs all around East St. My mother was a beautiful woman. As a matter of fact she looked good everywhere!

See, I already had a reputation around St. So when word got around that they were going to play the Riviera rather than the Plantation, I just picked up my trumpet and went on over to see if I could catch something, maybe sit in with the band. Everybody always seemed to like my tone, which I kind of got from the way Mr. Seems like I remember something about that-something in the bot-tom of my memory.

I think I was about nine or ten.

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There was just three of us, Dorothy, Vernon, and me in the middle. The bank was thirty miles arannjuez from where they lived. You dumb white motherfucker!

But the things he used to do in them eight bars was something else. Maybe it left some of its strong winds.

Anyway, it's Easter time and my father wants me and my sister and brother to look good in church. So was Benny Carter.

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And there was the Deluxe Theatre, a neighborhood movie arabjuez on 15th going toward Bond Street, away from the river. We had a lot of fun. Not that I needed it, because my father by now was making a whole lot of money. My father told my mother to leave me alone when we started prt problems. He said you can't trust no one when it comes to money, not even people in your family.