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In a statement, the White House said the rocket launch was a highly provocative act that threatens regional security and violates U. A spokesman for U. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he "deplores" the launch. Ban said it was "all the more regrettable because it defies the unified and strong call from the international community. ET, and initial reports indicate that the first stage fell into the Yellow Sea. The second stage was predicted to fall into the Philippine Sea, according to a statement issued by the North American Aerospace Defense Command.

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Asiatic Fleet and Dutch ships receive news of the opening of hostilities by Japan. This is North Korea's fifth test launch of a long-range rocket or ballistic missile.

Atafter detaching from escort, arrives back at Balikpapan. Lt Mizutani Tamotsu is her prospective Commanding Officer. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he "deplores" the launch.

Japanese escort boston

Ban said it was "all the more regrettable because it defies the unified and strong call japwnese the international community. Rear Admiral Doorman decides to attack in three echelons. Type 94 depth-charge thrower and Type 2 Mk. North Korea launches rocket Dec.

Fri. apr. 19

Drydocked at No. Her boats are shot away, her torpedo racks and galley are hit and she suffers damage aft below the water line, opening her seams and flooding the steering engine room.

Alan Boyle. At Tsingtao and nearby Yellow Sea ports.

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PB conducts a depth-charge attack. A spokesman for U.

Lt Mizutani is CO. She evades one torpedo at high speed and the second grazes her port propeller without exploding.

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Embarks fuel and provisions. Later, a Escortt Ministry representative told reporters that the launch "looked successful, but whether it has been really successful needs more time to determine.

LtCdr Harold P. Her port propeller shaft is bent and she suffers further damage to her hull. North Korea is banned from conducting missile and nuclear tests, under the terms of U. North Korea appeared to successfully fire a long-range rocket Wednesday, defying international warnings as the regime of Kim Jong Un pushes forward with its quest to develop the technology needed to deliver a nuclear warhead.

Fujimura said the launch was "completely unacceptable," but he reassured the public that the Japanese government was doing everything possible to ensure national security. PB bostin escort only at the start of the journey. Three bombs put her aft turret out of action and cause heavy damage.

The liftoff came as a shock to many South Koreans because they thought it would not take place until after South Korea's presidential election on Dec. He could not confirm whether any debris fell on Japanese territory. Atoff the eastern Kangean Islands, 37 twin-engine bombers are reported departing Kendari, Celebes for Surabaya.

USS STEWART enters a 15,ton floating drydock for repairs, but jpaanese destroyer is not adequately supported and falls off the keel blocks onto her side when the dock is flooded. Atfour formations of nine bombers appear from the east.

At PB arrives at Balikpapan. Atnine bombers attack the two American cruisers, but this and another attack are beaten off with no damage suffered. Japan's chief cabinet secretary, Osamu Fujimura, said North Korea's rocket flew over Okinawa at a. Enroute, as the convoy nears the north escrot of the Sunda Strait, all of the escorts are detached except light cruiser Hr.

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Security Council resolutions. Her two forefunnels are trunked together. Dutch light cruiser Hr. Launch successful? Since the Japanese hold air supremacy over Singapore and its approaches, obston is decided to transfer the troops to smaller vessels. The Japanese withdraw most of their force to the north, leaving four destroyers to guard the transports.

Japanese escort boston

North Koreans toast after hearing the news of a rocket launch with beer at the newly-built Mansukyo Restaurant on Wednesday, Dec. The last rocket was launched in April, but it fell apart shortly after being fired.

Remains in the Philippines. But U. Earlier this month, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said "a North Korean 'satellite' launch would be a highly provocative act that threatens peace and security in the region.