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August Learn how and when to remove this template message Carly Shay Carlotta "Carly" Shay [1] Miranda Cosgrove starts as a year-old girl who lives with her older brother, Spencer Shayin Seattle, Washington.

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They live in the Bushwell Plaza apartment building.

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Spencer is sometimes attacked, pranked, and tormented by Chuck Chambers, a trouble-making boy who lives in the apartment building. Freddie and Sam feel as if Carly was talking about their relationship, and they come to closure on the past episodes "iKiss", "iOMG", and "iLost my Mind". To Carly, Sam, mandj Freddie's amazement they think that it is not the knedall manly thing in the world, Spencer also agrees.

Sam did not like him at all and eventually grew tired of him, frustrated with his way of speaking. In the latter episode, Gibby temporally breaks up with her after believing that she was cheating on him with Freddie eecort trying to kiss him, causing him to become enraged and plan to fight Freddie for revenge.

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At the end, it is revealed that Cort was kicked out of college because he was claimed to be dangerously stupid. He has appeared in a few episodes, but has mostly been stationed on a base in Italy.

Toby Ziegler Played By: Richard Schiff of Episodes: In the early, best seasons of The West Wing, when the show was about how furiously the protagonists had to struggle to achieve any kind of change, Toby Ziegler represented a crucial component, a misanthropic idealist whose grumbling rage masks an irrepressible desire to do what's right. Galini died, he was about to close down the pie shop, until the iCarly trio found the pie recipe.

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He is very strict and usually seen coming out of the teacher's lounge when there is an emergency. Gibby is portrayed to be a very capable fighter, almost to the level of Sam, as shown in "iPsycho", where he succeeds in smashing down a barricaded door. He also enjoys drinking milk in the shower, as stated in the episode "iGot A Hot Room". He appears to have a crush on Carly in iHave Mwndy Principals.

Spencer once had him as a science teacher, but complained that Mr. He appeared in " iPilot " and " iCarly Awards ".

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However, Mrs. She could banter with C. She esort the daughter of Colonel Steven Shay. Sam admits she used to compete in beauty ants and came in second in 19 of them but got suspended for seven years due to her being suspected of "pushing" a candidate, Leann Carter, down a flight of stairs. Hazel Sherry Weston is an elderly woman that Gibby met while riding down the street on his bike in fscort iDo ".

The celebrity lookalikes that we can't quite get over and no, you're not seeing double!

When meeting Spencer, he saw many of his pieces, and made negative comments. He is never seen after "iGot Detention". It was built up to be more than it is, but her work in the episode is lovely. Then she ended up only appearing sporadically across the next couple seasons and ultimately fled to CSI: Miami though not before blaming it on the bossa nova.

West Wing Cast: Where Are They Now?

Then in "iDate Sam and Freddie", they kept arguing, while having Carly help them get along. She was once a Pop Music Award-winner but is revealed to have lost her talent and gone crazy, often throwing forks at people when she is angry. He also appeared in " iSpy on a Mean Teacher. Despite this, in "iSaved Your Life", Carly wants Freddie to mandu more than friends because Freddie pushed her out of the way of a truck, getting hit himself instead. kenall

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But they both care for each other. She has a small dog who vomits on Freddie. There is kendalk running gag in the show where Sam is prone to say bacon. The whole two-parter is great for Butterfield, especially while taking care of the president after he gets shot.

He also appears to have a strong hatred of fun, and fires Franklin simply for appearing on iCarly and playing one of their games, something he feels is below a principal. However, she does not feel the same way which she has told him many times.

When Chuck was put in military school for snatching Spencer's clothes, Chip took over as Spencer's nemesis. After the iCarly fans say that Sam and Freddie should go out, Freddie records himself saying that no one has asked how he feels.

Despite having dated boys before, she shares her first kiss with Freddie. Nora Dershlit [20] Danielle Morrow is a psychotic and lonely girl who is a manyd fan of iCarly and has no friends except for her chicken Maurice and her equally psychotic parents leaving her to her own devices.

Galini who works at Galini's pie shop. The conflict started when Spencer was covering for the doorman Lewbert in "iHurt Lewbert". But Hill was so good in the roleā€”so dryly funny, sharp when he needed to be, eecort had great chemistry with everyone he worked alongside particularly Sheen. Chuck has been seen in several episodes as a worthy enemy, because of his "sweet" personality, and martial arts skills.

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Spencer then closes the door so no kendakl of Socko can be seen. He is never seen or mentioned after that. He makes his on-screen final appearance in "iBeat the Heat", where he comes to the Shays' apartment with his dad and sister, Gia, who Spencer finds attractive. Ultimately, iCarly makes it to the awards and retaliates by sabotaging their presentation, winning the awards and revealing their evil plan in the process. He is known for being snotty and very strict to his students according to Freddieeven in his former position as lunchroom monitor where he gave Spencer detention for playing with his fruit.

Miss Briggs does not return to the series for seasons 4 and 5, but she returns in the season six premiere, "iApril Fools".

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After a lengthy fight with Gibby while his brother frees the iCarly gang, Nora is knocked out by Sam pressing a pressure point in her shoulder escogt fictional Vulcan nerve pinch and is arrested soon after. In "iKiss", he became Carly's replacement in Spencer's football training. In the final episode, Carly left Seattle to stay with him in Italy. Freddie fixes the problem by digitally altering his voice to make it sound better, and Jake gets back together with his girlfriend the next day.

Gunsmoke Anthony Vitale is a bodyguard who appears in " iSam's Mom ".

He also appears in the iCarly video game. Missy left for a six-month sea cruise, which Freddie originally won and then gave to her to end her threat to iCarly.

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Papperman Wendy Braun is Nevel's mother. It turns out Foogtor's brother is the one who can translate causing Spencer to yell "well why didn't you ask the brother?

He was the best kind of complicating factor in the West Wing universe. She accepts the offer, but only after Gibby promises her they will go get coffee afterwards.