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William H. Sharpley took quick action. Having heard reports of influenza across the state and assuming that the epidemic would soon reach Denver, he had proactively formed an influenza advisory board on September He recommended that residents avoid needless crowding, cover all coughs and sneezes, keep their homes and offices well ventilated, and seek a physician at once if cold-like symptoms developed. Sharpley quickly ordered hospitals to isolate influenza patients in separate rooms and not in the general wards, or to use screen dividers between beds in institutions where such separation was not possible.

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Reasons were as varied as they were creative. Beginning at pm on Monday, November seekjng, Denverites would be required to wear gauze face masks while riding streetcars, when attending church services, when in theaters or any assembly indoor or outwhile shopping, when riding in elevators, when working in a factory, when working in an building to which the public was admitted, or when visiting a physician. In its place they instituted a revised mandatory face mask order.

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William H. It occurred in fits and starts. Whereas flu articles regularly occupied the frontthis one was relegated to 17, the front being taken up by news of the end of the war. The walk-out comutes narrowly averted at the eleventh hour only when the mayor and Sharpley revised to mask order yet again, this time requiring conductors to wear masks only during the morning and evening rush hour commute and when passing through the busy downtown business district between Broadway and Union Station.

Immigrants, Influenza, and Scapegoating The coast was not yet entirely clear, however.

Attorney Advertising. It is likely, of course, that influenza was already circulating in the city.

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For that day only, Catholic churches would be allowed to hold their early mass, as there was no way to contact members of the congregation before they began arriving. Schools were to be kept closed for an additional week, and would not open until Monday, November Mills and Sharpley met on November 30 and annulled the mask order completely, effective at pm on Saturday, December 1.

Catholic w were allowed additional services to accommodate their large congregations, provided each mass did not last longer than thirty minutes and no two commuted began within the same hour.

Sharpley quickly ordered hospitals to isolate influenza patients in separate rooms and not in the general wards, or to use screen dividers between beds in institutions where such separation was not possible. Influenza was still reported to be raging in several immigrant neighborhoods, particularly in Little Italy and to a lesser extent in Globeville, the Eastern European immigrant enclave.

Even Mayor Mills, despite going along with the proposition, did not expect widespread compliance. The Rosen Law Firm, P.

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To make sure these instructions were followed, the department ordered its officers to enforce strictly quarantines in Little Italy and to force occupants to remain indoors and to discontinue all visits. To help ensure that the epidemic did not rage out of control once more, health authorities intended to keep Little Italy and Globeville under the closure order even as it was removed for the rest of the city. The health commissioner was guardedly optimistic.

In Octoberthe bodies of four Italians, their throats slashed, were found in a basement of an abandoned shack. Hide Full Article Click on image for gallery. Interpreting the order literally, however, people soon began congregating outdoors in the busy downtown shopping district, as the public health edicts only applied to indoor assemblies.

According to the plan they adopted, churches would be allowed to hold one half-hour service starting Sunday, November denvee Schoolteachers came close to not receiving pay for the weeks their schools were closed. Mills and Sharpley therefore revised the mask order yet again, this time merely recommending that the general public wear masks while in crowds and aboard streetcars. A lead plaintiff is a representative party acting on behalf of other class members in directing the litigation. Streetcars were to be limited to carrying 65 passengers, and conductors were subject to arrest for violating this order.

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Some measures were to be kept in place. The next evening, Mayor W. In addition, the twelve members of the influenza advisory board were seking health officers and given the authority to arrest any person going into or coming out of a quarantined residence.

Mayor Mills went so far as to announce that the scourge would be nearly over within a week. Over 8, attended a celebration at the city auditorium alone. The public was warned to limit gatherings so far as possible.

However, we have found the following opportunities from this facility:

As the of new cases qho to increase, these assemblies were said to be the cause. Hubbard to rule that the contracts were binding on both parties, and that teachers were entitled to their pay so long as they were willing and able to carry out their duties. Those places located in areas where the epidemic was still raging would not be allowed to open.

On October 25, when the latest influenza figures did not indicate the decline everyone had wished for, the state board of health announced that the closure order would not be lifted at present. The lawsuit seeks to recover damages for HP investors under the federal securities laws.

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Conclusion While new cases continued to develop in the following weeks, and seekinv still resulted in death, the worst was now over. As the of new cases dropped slightly, Sharpley and the health department came under increasing pressure to re-open the schools, theaters, and entertainment venues. The health department printed notices in Italian and posted them throughout the neighborhood, informing residents that influenza was spread by visiting the ill or attending funerals of those who had died of the disease.

For Denverites—and indeed all Americans—who lost friends and loved ones to the deadly plague, life would never be the same.

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Several traditional end-of-the-year social events were cancelled by organizers out of fear of spreading the dreaded disease. State health authorities, who had enacted a closure order and gathering ban two weeks earlier, were not so optimistic, however. To make matters worse, the mask order that had placated theater and movie owners now upset the streetcar company and its conductors. The time missed was hardly vacation, as children learned when they returned to their classrooms: the missed time was to be made up by extending the school year into July.

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Isolation and quarantine orders were made more stringent, however, and only nurses and physicians were allowed to enter sick rooms. Records of new cases from the 24 hours seemed to indicate that the peak of the epidemic had been reached, and health officials looked with great hope to the end of the epidemic. Sedking pay no attention to the rules or orders issued by the health board in its effort to check the disease.